Indoor cricket is an incredibly exciting, fast paced and shorter format of the traditional game that is now sweeping the globe. Started in Australia in 1984, the indoor cricket format is now played to a professional level by all major Test countries and encompasses both domestic leagues and international formats including a Masters Series and World Cup.


Using exactly the same wickets and equipment as the traditional game, indoor cricket takes place in a spacious (15m x 30m) rectangular playing arena, surfaced with top quality artificial-grass and surrounded by a high tensioned net “cage”.

Games last about 60 minutes and are played between two teams of 6-8 players in an 8 over a side format. All players get to bat a minimum of two overs and anyone can bowl which means everyone is guaranteed a slice of the action and a chance to be a star! The game format is very exciting and can be played at any skill level - it’s an especially good way for youngsters to learn the game.

Global and professional nature of indoor cricket

If you haven’t played indoor cricket before then give it a try - you will be amazed at how much fun it is!